Proven Results

In the first week of Phonics Hero, children can be expected to read and spell up to 40 different words.
After just 2 weeks learning at home, children can use the first 8 phonemes to read and spell. Take a look at the example on this page to see what one child achieved after 40 weeks of Phonics Hero.
Research shows children taught with Synthetic Phonics are up to 9 months ahead of their peers in reading and spelling.
Children introduced to reading and spelling with Phonics Hero can still be ahead of their classmates up to 7 years later.

Hear from Happy Parents

Whoever designed this should be given an award. The best I’ve ever found. Mountains of content, we’ve been playing for months. Very happy with my purchase. No regrets. Happy reading! Ellie Fitzsimmons,New York, USA 

Incredible stepwise program. Phonics to phonemic awareness to reading and spelling. Perfect for all ages, fun, engaging and different for each level! Sarah Clohessy, Perth, Australia

My child can’t put it down. He now doesn’t only able to read words but has confident to begin reading! It’s an amazing program! Schools should recommend this to parents. Ding Lee, Harrow, UK 

Me and my 6 year old son love this program! I love that it is progressive and he has something to look forward to accomplishing at the end… This is a well organized app and easy to use. The animation is nice and professional looking. Perfect! Angela Price, Tennesse, USA

My son absolutely LOVES it! So far, he especially likes swatting the flies. Oh, and the ghosts… and being able to “buy” some inline skates and a drumkit for his hideout! Melissa Kelly, Vic, Australia – 30 June 2012

Leo has suddenly upped the ante on Phonics Hero and wants to play it every waking moment. He LOVES the shop and buying the stuff to put in his hideout. He is super-excited about unlocking the second hero! Laura Shore, Bournemouth, UK