How will Your Child do in the Phonics Screening Check?

This game replicates the phonics screening check that children will sit in June. Brought to you by the educators at Phonics Hero.   Please note this game will only work on a computer.  

Playing at Home?

  • Turn your computer speakers up.
  • Click the game to start playing.
  • Ask your child to read the words as they come up.
  • Click the green button if correct and the orange button if incorrect.
  • After the game you will see if your child passed the check.

In a Classroom?

  • If you are practising for the check, you will want to complete all the words.
  • Press the green button after each word to progress through the whole test.
  • Use our assessment sheet for one-to-one
Note: this game will only work on a PC or Mac computer, with the latest browser installed.